La noche nos quiere juntos.
Hi, my name is Enya and I'm from Mexico, but you can call me Naru!
Multifandom blog. Most of it will be SN, GerIta, Yullen, Nezushi, KurohxShiro, and others!
I like yaoi more than anything in this world, also I'm in love with the food and the kawaii stuff and cats<3
I'm not your average girl ;)
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Famous Cosplayers AU →


Has anyone written or even drawn about Levi and Eren being popular cosplayers. And then they got in the snk fandom and were posting their cosplays and the whole fandom goes nuts cause they really look like the real deal. And pretty soon fans started spreading news about…


For once can we have Principle/Teacher fics instead of Teacher/student ones for Ereri or snk in general? Because I do love the teacher/student concept, unfortunately for me..its a bit burned out especially when we all know how the ending results usually are.

I kind of like the idea of newly single Principle!Eren falling for hardass and unapproachable Teacher!Levi and is determined to at least have one date with the man..

or something like that.

(vía humanitys-otp-roundup)


Since it’s almost October, I chose this one first~ :3

What do you want to see Eren in? (IpersonallywanthiminLevi) Drop your comments here. I’ll choose another one in two days :D

(vía hella-riren)

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