La noche nos quiere juntos.
Hi, my name is Enya and I'm from Mexico, but you can call me Naru!
Multifandom blog. Most of it will be SN, GerIta, Yullen, Nezushi, KurohxShiro, and others!
I like yaoi more than anything in this world, also I'm in love with the food and the kawaii stuff and cats<3
I'm not your average girl ;)
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lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo im picking brownisaur

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*pretends to be an expert on a sport because I’ve watched an anime about it*

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*female celebrity's nudes leak*

straight boy:*masturbates to their nudes*
straight boy:man i've lost all my respect for *said celebrity*



Sex workers are human beings…. from cam models to strippers to porn stars. It may not be your cup o’ tea (mmm, tea), but it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect or shame them. 

Reblogging this again because people think that just because someone is a sex worker, means that they are not intelligent, can’t have normal lives, and treat them like complete shit.

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I want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but I’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza. 

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prussiangoddess preguntó: I'm sad and depressed and stuff and, I'm not even lying in the slightest, I was about to shut down my computer and my background is your demon!Levi and I forgot I had it set to that. So I ex out of my browser and I'm like "wOAH COMPUTER THAT'S QUITE THE WAY OF TRYING TO CHEER ME UP BUT WOW I THINK IT'S WORKING" and just-- your art helps me through a lot okay uwu I can not express how happy your art makes me.



Oh no, I hope you will feel better soon! *hugs you tight* >__< I’m really glad that my art makes you happy! Here have some more demon!Levi to cheer you up. <3


my grandfather always had candy in his pockets, and one time when I got really sick and I was hospitalized my dad told him not to give me any candy. He pulled out his pockets to show he hadn’t even brought any and I got really sad but as soon as my dad walked out of the room he then proceeded to take off his hat and had 2 chewy chocolate candy toffees and 2 orange fanta toffees, and I’ll never forget the happiness and surprise I felt in that one moment in my entire life.

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