La noche nos quiere juntos.
Hi, my name is Enya and I'm from Mexico, but you can call me Naru!
Multifandom blog. Most of it will be SN, GerIta, Yullen, Nezushi, KurohxShiro, and others!
I like yaoi more than anything in this world, also I'm in love with the food and the kawaii stuff and cats<3
I'm not your average girl ;)
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So modern au where Eren works in a zoo and is in charge of feeding the penguins at lunch time and one day Levi is forced to go to the zoo on a work retreat and sees this fucking adorable person sloshing around buckets of rotting fish and then every lunch break from that day on he goes to the…


Original:    by  のえこ

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(vía hella-riren)

En ese momento en el que acostumbras hablar con alguien todos los días y esa persona se va ,y queda ese vacío, esa sensación extraña.


No mamen cbhgsxbkknnvclllbfvnj :(

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“Drop the beat, Skrillex!”

But Skrillex doesn’t drop the beat. Instead, he clutches it in his hands, unable to let it go, dooming the fate of the world in his greed.


“Drop the beat, Skrillex,” repeats a desperate Samwise Gamgee, “please.”

(Fuente: hairandbrokenglasses, vía aymichyan)

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